Stacks, 2012:

Site-specific installation for Southern Alberta Art Gallery, curated by Ryan Doherty

When considering what to do for this exhibition, I thought about how Lethbridge was originally settled by colonial interests moving west through coal mining, and about how irrigation was as a means to maintain those who had settled, a way to inhabit the arid landscape with agricultural industry. The painting is inspired by the way the landscape looks from above via satellite imagery, a crazy quilt of circles and rectangles, a direct result from the way water is extracted and distributed onto the land through irrigation. The black sculpture is inspired by by coal itself, approximately 108 cubic feet and equivalent to a "stack", which is an english measurement of coal. The interior is hollow and illuminated by the devices, alluding to the mine shaft, and like other sculptural works I have made, many of the electronics are powered on, creating a hiss of white noise and static. I like the direct and pointed relationship between plastic and oil, our consumption and obsolescence, and though this show is inspired by Lethbridge and its past, it points to Alberta and the ongoing extraction of the present.