The King and I, 2010: Collaboration with Stefan Hancherow

The King and I was a temporary art bar in Anna Leonowens Gallery 3. We curated a group of works from NSCAD faculty and alumni all within the theme of the bar, and the work functioned as a gallery exhibition by day and happy hour watering hole by night. Understanding that so much of the work of being an artist might happen over drinks and in discussion with other artists, we acted as the bartenders.

Artists included: David Askevold, Thierry Delva, Emily vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, Michael Fernandes, Craig Ferguson, Greg Forrest, Chris Foster, Erling Klingenberg, Emily Luce, Kelly Mark, Mitch Mitchell, Ali Nickerson, Ann Pocket, Craig Francis Power, Charley Young, Rebecca Young, and Robert Zingone.


Eleanor King and Stefan Hancherow 

The King and I 

The Bar 

Craig Francis Power, Thierry Delva 

The King and I 

David Askevold - Two Hanks 

From behind the Bar 

Stefan serves snacks 

Eleanor King and Stefan Hancherow 

Eleanor King and Stefan Hancherow 

Eleanor King and Stefan Hancherow 

Scott Saunders, Jen Simaitis 

Michael Fernandes, Scott Saunders 

Ron Bates, Mitchell Wiebe 

Gordon Isnor and Mark Mullane 

Sarah Maloney and Ray Cronin 

Emily vey Duke & Cooper Battersby 

Enrique Ferreole, Rachel Schwartz
: Enrique Ferreole, Rachel Schwartz

Robert Zingone work in the window 

From Outside